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Carpet Cleaning Upper Manhattan

Purchasing a carpet is easy, but keeping it clean is where challenges lie. Having kids and pets at home or gathering at the office can make it difficult to keep your carpet clean. In fact, stains can leave an unpleasant odor in your carpet. But you don’t need to worry about keeping your carpet clean by yourself because Green Choice carpet cleaning Upper Manhattan is here to help.

We understand that carpet cleaning is the only way to maintain the carpets in your home and office, which is why Green Choice carpet cleaning Upper Manhattan provides professional carpet cleaning at the most competitive rates. It is not only when your carpet is badly stained or heavily soiled that it should be cleaned professionally, waiting for it to be heavily dirty before getting a professional cleaner to clean it can quickly damage the carpet’s fibers and its beautiful color.

Carpets inhibit huge amount of dirt particles, dust and myriad of bacteria, mold, fungi and dust mite. So even if your carpet doesn’t look to have any stains or dirt, it doesn’t mean your floor piece doesn’t need professional cleaning. Regular cleaning has a lot of benefits which includes prolonging the lifespan and effective removal of stains. Green Choice carpet cleaning Manhattan cleans your carpet with solutions that are not harmful to your carpet.

We are a local cleaner based in Manhattan, making it easier to offer you the same day cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning services are safe for your kids, pets and your environment because we clean with your health as our priority. Contact us today!

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Upholstery Cleaning Upper Manhattan

Green Choice upholstery cleaning Manhattan cleans your upholstery combining an eco-friendly specially formulated cleaning solution with the latest cleaning technology to deliver impeccably clean upholstery. Our cleaning solutions are specially formulated to thoroughly clean your upholstery without causing any damage or leaving any chemical residues behind after cleaning. Upholstery is a set of essential furniture that is found at home, restaurant, office, hotel and indoor premises. Good quality fabric wall panel, dining chairs, sofa and other upholstered furniture requires professional cleaning to maintain their beauty and prolong their lifespan. Our professional cleaning services don’t only prolong your upholstered furniture’s lifespan; it also makes removing any stain or dirt easier. Your upholstered furniture fabric collects dust, dirt and stains which are not hygienic; cleaning it is the only way to remove the stain, dust and dirt to keep it sparkling clean and safe. But several people are not eager to clean their upholstered furniture because they think it will take a long drying time, which may also result in damage to the upholstery. Green Choice upholstery cleaning Manhattan method is safe for your upholstery. We don’t use too much water to clean your upholstery; we combine the latest technology with a unique technique to clean your upholstery without damaging it. In fact, your upholstered furniture will be ready for use almost immediately after cleaning.
We have experienced technicians that can clean your upholstery professionally. Our cleaning solution is safe for your kids, pets and environment and we also offer same day cleaning services. Call us today!

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best service!!!

I really want to share the great experience I had using Green Choice carpet Manhattan. Me and my wife were searching for a local and organic company that could clean an area rug that we have and a chair. We have a newborn baby and it was very important for us the cleaning products. Green Choice Carpet Manhattan did an amazing job!!! They have the best customer service and the cleaning results are beautiful!!!!I am so happy I did right and I chose Green Choice Carpet Manhattan!!!!!Thank you!!!

I called Green Choice Carpet Manhattan since I badly needed my rug and my sofa to be clean. I have a new puppy that had several accidents on the rug and sofa. Green choice Carpet Manhattan sent over a very nice and honest technician, who provided me with a great quote and picked up my rug to be clean. Yesterday I got my rug back and it looks great!!!! they cleaned the sofa yesterday and the sofa is perfect now!!great customer service!Highly recommended!!!!

the best carpet cleaner in manhattan

my 2 Oriental Rugs look brand-new, thank you green choice carpet cleaning for all your help, unbelievable job thank you Mike

thank you for your review,come back again to get 15% off for next time

Worth it!

Highly recommend for all who want a clean process and timely delivery.

Excellent Carpet Cleaners

I am so happy that I have used Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Manhattan from many of the carpet cleaning companies I have research for.Green Choice Carpet picked up my 2 oriental rugs for cleaning and delivered them back to me yesterday brand new!!!!!!Thank you very much for everything,I will definitely use your services again,Highly recommended!!!!

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