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Couch Cleaners Removes Stains and Spills like Magic

A clean couch can contribute much to your family’s health. If you think of your couch as just that- a couch, then you’re awfully mistaken. Your couch can serve as a breeding ground for all types of germs and bacteria. Just think about all the times when you or your kids have eaten on the couch. Aside from food stains, your couch is also exposed to dirty feet, shoes and clothing.

As drastic as it sounds, your couch is subjected to all kinds of stains and abuse every day. Even the stuff that spilled in your couch last month can still be lurking beneath your upholstery’s cover. Yes, it’s still there even if you’ve cleaned it a dozen times.

Benefits of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning’s Couch Cleaning Service:

Believe it or not, our Manhattan couch cleaning technicians can really work miracles on your couch. We remove all types of stains, dirt, grime, and mold!
Here’s a quick list of the stains we can remove:
• Alcohol
• Ink
• Blood
• Milk
• Butter
• Gum
• Candle Wax
• Chocolate
• Cough Syrup
• Food Coloring
• Paint
• Glue
• Tea
• Vomit
• Yellowing stains
• Oil
• Wine
• Urine
The list could go on and one but I’m sure you get the point. The quicker you call us for upholstery cleaning, the quicker we can remove the stains from your couch. Don’t worry, we don’t use corrosive chemicals to remove stains. Instead, we use the power of nature and the latest in cleaning technology to loosen up the stains in any fabric. And because we use heavy powered vacuums, we get better results and quicker drying time in all upholstery cleaning Manhattan jobs we do.

Our couch cleaning service is also the top choice among many families because of our lung-friendly cleaning solutions. Unlike other cleaning companies, we don’t use toxic solutions that may leave unwanted residues on your couch. Our cleaning solutions can clean your couch thoroughly, without damaging its fabric and without posing harm to your health. It’s good for your couch, your health and the environment, so it’s really a win-win solution for everyone.

Choose Green Choice Carpet for Quality Stain Removal at Reasonable Prices

Spots and stains should be treated ASAP, unless you want them to permanently damage your beautiful couch. The longer you wait, the deeper the stain penetrates your couch.

Your couch is in good hands with our experienced cleaning technicians. We place a high value on quality, regardless of the size of the job.
Wait no more! Call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to remove the stains on your couch!

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