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Persian and oriental rugs, especially handmade, often times have tremendous sentimental value, and the best way to keep these beautiful carpets beautiful is to ensure they are always clean. But Oriental rug cleaning can be a chore, even if your pets and children didn’t spill anything on them—cleaning your wool area rug using cleaners or vacuum can easily destroy its beauty, and you don’t want that to happen. Soaking your wool carpet can leave the rug with marks and stains, and the worst part is that it can leave it with bad odors that will be difficult to remove. Your rug is an investment and you need to take care of it. Cleaning it yourself or hiring just any cleaning company would do your cause no good, but hiring professional oriental rug cleaning service, such as Green Choice carpet cleaning Manhattan NYC will keep your rug in great shape.

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Green Choice Offers Free Pick-Up & Delivery for Oriental Rugs in Manhattan NYC

Aside from being the best oriental rug cleaning service, we also offer Free Pick-Up & Delivery of area rugs in New York City for professional oriental rug cleaning. Because we quite literally love to go the extra mile for our community, we go to our customer’s home to pick the rug for free and also return it for free after professional cleaning.

Also at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, we offer professional organic rug cleaning, including stain removal, and steam cleaning to remove any kind of dirt, debris, and stain, as well as bad odors. You can relax, knowing that your area rug cleaning is being handled by experts that will carefully restore the beauty of your rug.

Don’t damage your carpet by cleaning it yourself or giving it to cleaners that are not trained to clean a wool rug. Only a professional oriental rug cleaning service can handle a wool area rug, and residents of the New York City can trust Green Choice to pick up their rug from their homes and return it after thorough professional cleaning. Get in touch today In Manhattan NYC

Most advanced and professional Oriental rug cleaning equipment.

Aside from using our hands to clean your wool rug, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC provide the most advanced tech to safely clean your carpet and return it to that look that attracted you to the rug in the first place. So you can relax while we thoroughly clean your rugs – it’s that simple, Professional Silk Rug Cleaning NY. 100% Money Back.* Quote Online Now. Call Us. Get Instant 20% Off Booking Via Chat or Text Message Or Call Us Now. Same Day Service Area Rug Cleaning In Manhattan NYC

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Why Choose a Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Service NYC?

such as Green Choice

Most Oriental rug owners have tried to clean their wool carpet without success. In fact, many wool rug owners have destroyed the beauty of their carpets by cleaning it themselves. Wool rugs are susceptible to bleeding, and without testing the colors, you might not know which one can bleed and destroy your carpet.

To get your wool rug cleaned without destroying its beauty, you need a professional oriental rug cleaning service. At Green Choice Carpet, we don’t use a machine to clean your wool rugs, because we know the machine can destroy its beauty.

We don’t recommend and don’t use the following method to clean your rugs:

  • Rotary machine
  • Wash tubs
  • Automatic system
  • Steam cleaning

We know that once the Oriental rug is damaged, it is usually not reversible and the expensive rug will become useless just like that.

We also understand that residents of New York City always find it difficult to move the rug through the city for cleaning, so Green Choice Carpet cleaning provides free pick up and delivery. We care about your investment in an oriental rug and want to make picking it up for cleaning easier for you at no extra cost.

What differentiates Green Choice Carpet from the rest?

We treat our clients like royalty because we know choosing the right cleaner with expertise in oriental rug cleaning is important to them. We constantly research and study to practice efficiently and stay up to date on the latest cleaning procedures. We serve NYC residents with everything we’ve got and are happy to be part of our community. With our cleaning services, you don’t need to empty your wallet to get the best oriental rug cleaning service.

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We keep your carpet clean with our Green Guard.

We are approved organic rug cleaners and with our Green Guard, your rug is 100% organically cleaned so that it can retain its beauty for a longer period of time. With over two decades of experience, Green Choice Rug Cleaning Manhattan NYC is the leading oriental rug cleaning provider you can count on.

Get your wool rug cleaned the same day In Manhattan NYC.

We know you have a busy schedule, which is why we offer same day service to ensure you get the job done quickly. You don’t need to wait for long before you get your cleaning done; we can get it done the same day. We don’t just get the cleaning done; we do it professionally and give your rug a perfect look you love to see. Call us today, and we will come to you today!

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We can send one of our technicians to your office or home to inspect all your cleaning needs and provide you explanation on what to do – whether cleaning it is worth it or not. Our technician will also tell you the best way to clean your carpet and the cost – all these for free. Call (212) 359-1687 for a free quote today!

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When it comes to cleaning wool rugs, adequate attention has to be paid to the process, even more than when it comes to cleaning rugs made of cotton or artificial fibers. Steam cleaning wool rugs are totally possible. However, it has to be done with utmost precaution.

Wool rugs naturally contain a lot of lanolin, this makes it inadvisable to frequently use a steam cleaner on wool rugs.  Steam cleaners can only be tried as a last resort if there are stubborn stains visible on the rug, stains which have defied other cleaning methods. When you utilize a steam cleaner for deep cleaning wool rugs, it obviously gives better results than the normal methods. 

The only issue is the aftermath of the whole cleaning process on the rug. Wool rugs usually have very absorbent hessian backings and hemp;  thus they take too much time to dry properly. If the rug does not dry properly, mold growth might happen as a result of the of the lanolin rich wool. 

Steam cleaners are not only heavy, but their injection also heads most times operate at very high pressure. However, you can reduce the amount of damage this could do to your rugby using low-pressure steam injection, with its head always in motion so as not to scald the rug. 

Use very gentle cleaning agents when it comes to steam cleaning. However, you should ensure the steam cleaning process totally removes all traces of this detergent as detergent residues can cause sticky wool fibers which could easily accumulate dirt.

Finally, when it comes to drying, you have to raise the wool rug off the floor, if possible, to reduce the chances of mold developing. Never leave your rugs damp. Steam cleaning is fairly safe for rugs when done not more than once a year. Always steam clean with the safety of your rug in mind.

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Wool area rugs give homes a unique look. They add style to your interior designs and can be very good investments. This is why proper care should be implored when it comes to taking care of them. Wool rugs are susceptible to dirt but taking proper care of your area rugs will ensure they continue to look good, without much dirt on them.

To clean your wool rug;

The first step is to ensure the rug you intend to clean is very dry as performing any cleaning activity on a wet rug could embed the dirt you intend to get rid of further into the rug.

Then, lift all furniture from the rug and take it outside. You need a clear space so you can adequately shake off all the dirt from the rug. Vigorously shake the rug to get rid of this dirt and dust as wool rug fibers could accumulate a lot of them.

To get rid of all the dirt properly, vacuum clean your rug, by running a vacuum cleaner over the rug. You can start from one end to the other so you can adequately cover all areas of the rug. You can repeat this process twice.

After you must have gotten rid of all the dirt, you can wash the rug, using a shampoo, sponge and cold water. Pay attention to the nap side and scrub mildly to prevent any damage. Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly after scrubbing with cold water. Endeavor to get rid of all the soap.

Finally, dry your rug extensively, under the sun. Turn it over once in a while to get both sides dried. Make sure your rug is dried properly before taking it inside. Follow these steps and your rug’s lifespan will only keep getting longer!


Rug cleaning service companies usually charge by the square foot. Only a few charges by the hour. However, the cost of cleaning a rug is dependent upon certain factors. For instance, in-house rug cleaning costs a little bit more than off-site cleaning. They both have their downsides.

In-house cleaning helps you avoid transporting a large rug too and fro, but off-site cleaning does not disrupt your home and also saves you travel fees; however, the pickup and delivery services will increase the total cost of the services.

Generally, factors which could contribute to the cost of cleaning rugs in Manhattan include;

The average cleaning costs for rugs is usually about $3-$6 per square foot. Thus, cleaning a standard 8’ × 10’ rug would cost about $240-$480.

The material of the rug also affects the price of cleaning such rug. Synthetic rugs are usually not so expensive to clean as they are not so delicate. However, when it comes to natural rugs, adequate care has to be taken to ensure there are no damages. This is because materials like silk and wool are a lot more delicate. This extra effort can raise the cost of cleaning by at least 15%. Older rugs can also involve more costs as they involve a bit more input.

The cleaning method adopted by the cleaning company can also affect the cost of the cleaning service. Do you require a traditional cleaning process or a chemical cleaning process? One is actually more labor-intensive and thus costs a bit more.

Finally, issues such as fixing holes, removing stains in rugs, repairing mold and water damage are factors which could influence the cost of rug cleaning services in Manhattan. Yet, whatever the case, you could always contact us for a pocket-friendly quote and we would always find a plan that would suit you.

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Originating from Asia and very popular in countries like China, India, and Iran, Oriental rugs are special rugs with exquisite designs and unique colors. They come in various forms and are usually made from materials such as wool and cotton. This kind of rug can also be made from synthetic material with the ability to add life to a home. However, oriental rugs can get really dirty quickly. This is why you need to use the proper techniques to take adequate care of them so you can elongate their lifespan. To properly clean an Oriental rug, you follow these steps:

First, take adequate precautions. Perform necessary checks so you can find out how best to handle the rug. The instructions concerning the best way to handle the rug are usually listed on the rugs label. This label can be found at the corners of the rug.

Oriental rugs also require regular cleaning and vacuuming so they can remain clean and functional for a longer period. However, silk oriental rugs are an exception as regular vacuuming can damage them.

Avoid placing oriental rugs under direct sunlight as it can cause the rug’s colors to fade over time. Endeavor to find out if your rug is colorfast before performing certain cleaning functions on them. Also move your furniture around regularly so the wear and tear on your rug will be even.

After finding out about all these, you could either perform a deep cleaning or a quick cleaning; you take the following steps:

Use a broom or carpet sweeper to sweep your rug and get rid of dirt, sand, and debris. You can do it as often as two times to get all the dirt out.

Vacuum both sides of the rug to remove other kinds of debris that could damage the rug over time.

Take your rug outside and shake it to remove any debris embedded in it. To make it easier, use your clothesline to beat off all the dirt by hanging your rug on it.

Clean any areas with spots on them with a neat rag or paper towel. Use water to blot the stains until they are removed. For deep cleaning; after performing these steps above, you can soak the whole of the rug with a mild detergent to clean your rug, using a sponge. Rinse your rug properly and dry thoroughly.


Finally, to adequately clean an Oriental rug, you first take up excess liquid with a paper towel. Lift the visible stains using clean clothes dipped in water. However, you can use water, soap, and vinegar to remove stains which are a bit stubborn. Endeavor to rinse until the rug is clean. You can wash Oriental rugs once in two years to keep them fresh and preserved.

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When it comes to Wool Area Rug cleaning in NYC, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Services offer state of the art pick up and delivery services. This is one way our services are distinguished from that of our competitors. It does not matter how quickly you want us there, as we offer same day pick up; especially in cases of accidents, fire outbreaks, and other such incidents.

All you need do is to call our company requesting our carpet cleaning services. You can also reach us online to send your request. Once this is done, we will reach an agreement on the kind of services you need and how you want us to go about it.

You will be required to drop details such as your name, address, the kind of rug involved and any other additional information which may be important. As soon as we agree on a quote, you will get a free pick up for your wool area rug and a free delivery as well as soon as the cleaning is done.

For residents outside NYC, there are also provisions for you to have access to our services from wherever you are. The free pick up and delivery service will not only save you the additional costs of transporting heavy rugs, but it will also help keep your home free from the disruption that comes from in-house cleaning. The stress, logistics involved in lifting heavy rugs will also be eliminated. Thus, you can focus your attention on other things which are of a greater priority to you and your home. As professionals, you do not have to worry about your wool area rug getting damaged and you can rest assured your rug would be returned in a condition better than the way it was when you handed it over to us.

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Area rugs are very instrumental to the beautiful interior of the home, this is why we put in so much effort to pick a really nice one. A lot of time is spent into picking out the best color, the proper pattern and the right shade to suit your taste and home. All these efforts would be a total waste if you do not put in the same amount of care when it comes to protecting the life of your rug.

True, vacuuming your area rugs would keep them clean, but it would not always keep them free from dirt and allergens. This is why a little bit of professional touch every once in a while is considered necessary.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Service appreciates this, this is why we put in so much care to retain your rugs durability. We understand area rugs need adequate care so its lifespan can be adequately maximized. This is why are very cautious about how we clean, handle and treat your rug.

As one of the best cleaning services in the whole of Manhattan, NY, we ensure we leave your area rug looking fabulous as we have a number of certified specialists who are dedicated towards the proper evaluation and effective cleaning of your rugs. Whether off-site cleaning or in-house services, we are at your beck and call.

We steam clean each rug using proper methods, so allergens and dirt would be totally eliminated from the fibers of your rug. Our area rug cleaning services are safe so you do not need to worry about your safety and health.

You can rest assured you would absolutely love our services, as we do not only make sure we use the EPA safer choice cleaning solution which guarantees your rug’s safety, we also make sure we do not leave any client unsatisfied as we value and listen to every feedback we get after every service.


Green Choice Rug Cleaning Manhattan is one of the most reliable and experienced rug cleaners in Manhattan, New York. Rugs are classy components of our household and office designs. For them to remain so requires top quality maintenance. Our cost-effective services ensure that our customers get the best value for their money.

At Green Carpet we usually bill our customers according to the size of the rugs they bring. To clarify further, we bill per square foot. At Green Choice Rug Cleaning Manhattan, we bill at an average of 2$ to 5$ per square foot. Hence a standard 8’x10′ would cost from about 160$ to 400$. Several factors influence our pricing per square foot.

First is the nature of the rug material to be cleaned. Rugs that are tough and resilient usually cost less to clean, for instance, synthetic rugs while rugs that are made of more delicate material usually cost more to clean, for instance, silk and wool.

Second is the cleaning method. The cleaning method adopted also affects the price range. Usually, hand cleaning costs more, this is because it is labor intensive. Hence, customers that demand hand cleaning would be charged more than those whose rugs are cleaned via vacuuming, chemical method and steam cleaning with almost a 35 percent increase in the price. Vacuuming, chemical method and steam methods of cleaning usually cost from about 2$ to 4$ while handing cleaning costs from about 4$ to 8$.

Third, is the state of the rug. If the rug has spots or stains, or if it is infected by moths. Extra costs are added for the removal of the stains, with an extra 1$ or 2$ per square foot. Removal of moths from a standard 8′ by 10′ rug would cost an extra 50$. Repairing burn holes might cost an extra 150$ to 250$ per a standard 8′ by 10′ rug. At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Services, we give customers quality cleaning services at the best available rate.

Established in 1991 in Manhattan NY


Wool rugs, when properly maintained, can be quite an investment. They give your floors beautiful coverings which can last for a very long time, depending on how you take care of them.

Wool rugs come with exquisite colors and patterns which can give your home a certain kind of appeal. They are also feet-friendly, as they possess soft fibers which offer warmth beneath the feet. They are also considered very durable when properly taken care of. To achieve this, you just have to follow these tips to give them a gentle surface scrub once a year.

The tips include:

Make sure you get all the dirt off the rugby whacking it with a rug beater or broom.

Vacuum each side of the rug, starting from the front as many as two times to get all the dirt out. This will remove all the dirt the whacking did not properly remove.

Get a shampoo, or even a Woolite and mix with a bucket of water to form a solution. Make sure your rug is not color blind before you proceed.

Using a sponge, rub your cleaning solution into the rug, working towards the direction of the nap. Here, the aim is not to get the rug too wet as all that is done is light dampening. Getting the rug too wet may cause the rug to discolor or take too long to handle.

Next, you rinse the areas with soap on them, using another sponge and a plain bucket of water. Then dry with an absorbent towel when you are done, make sure you clean the entire rug properly.

Finally, let the rug dry properly before you walk on it again. You can dry indoors with windows and doors all open or you can dry outside, under the sun for a while.


Rugs are an essential part of every home’s interior. Little wonder people spend a fortune to get really good ones. However, getting a good rug is not enough, the adequate effort has to be put into maintaining the rug’s lifestyle.

As one of the best cleaning companies in Manhattan, NY, we offer the best rug cleaning service in the whole of Manhattan. We are sure about this because of how much effort we put in all our services. Our rug cleaning service usually follows certain steps. These steps are foolproof to ensure customer satisfaction. They include:

Site Visitation: Once we are contracted, our staff members are designated to your home, to inspect the rug in question. These designated staff members include a highly skilled rug technician and a supervisor. They return with feedback on the kind of spots and stains on the rug and every kind of repair which would be required.

Removing Dirt From The Rug: With the required tools, we remove all the dirt and dust from your rug, before cleaning. Instead of using brooms to whack the rug, our standard rug dusting equipment provides a more gentle alternative. This way your rug fibers are preserved.

Washing and Rinsing: After dusting, we proceed to wash and rinse your rug. To wash our clients’ rugs, we utilize premium quality cleaning products, with very minimal rubbing. We thoroughly clean your rugs and ensure they are dried properly.

After some more finishing touches, your rug will be all done and ready. Then, we will return after a while to inspect how well the cleaning on your rug affected your rug; taking into consideration every feedback you may have.

Finally, our advanced rug cleaning techniques are not only super effective, but they are also eco-friendly and very safe for homes; there is no better way to keep your rug protected and secure.


Silk is no doubt a natural fiber. This is because it contains fibroin. Silk could be produced artificially, but ideally, silk is gotten from the larvae of silk works. Silk also refracts light rays which makes it appear very shimmery and beautiful. Little wonder it is used for the production of silk rugs. This strong fiber, when wet, is known to lose at least 20% of its strength.

Just like all other rugs, silk rugs also get dirty with time. However, when it comes to silk rugs, you have to be extra careful as they do not really go well with steam cleaning and other forms of hot water or harsh cleaning processes. This is why it is advised that rug owners opt for professional cleaning services instead of cleaning their rugs themselves. This is where we come in.

We are very good at rug cleaning and by that, we mean all kinds of rugs, silk rugs inclusive. These rugs are special and require very special techniques and equipment to handle. With our wealth of experience in the rug cleaning business, we know just how best to go about silk rug cleaning. Utilizing only eco-friendly products, our cleaning process usually adopts these steps.

Spot removal: Firstly, we inspect your rug for stains and utilize premium quality organic agents to remove these stains. This way, your rug’s strength, and color will be retained.

Secondly, using clean water of room temperature, we wash your rug. Silk does not do well with warm water. This is why cold water is the best option. We utilize eco-friendly steps to organize this process. This is why we are certain you would love our services.

Finally, after gentle washing, we dry your rug in a well-equipped drying room, through natural processes; deodorizing it with organic products, to leave your home smelling fresh and lovely!

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Rug lovers can do anything to restore their rugs back to what they were. Unfortunately, this becomes very difficult, especially when the rugs have not been cared for in a long time. Rugs in this state need to be pre-inspected, conditioned and cleaned before a final round of inspection. These steps are meticulously arranged to restore your rugs best possible condition.

This complex processes might not be carried out properly during home cleaning. This is why Green Choice Rug Cleaners Manhattan NY, developed the Green Cleaning Drop Off Service, where customers can conveniently drop their rugs for cleaning, and collect at an agreed time. This allows our team of professionals to analyze and restore your rug to its best possible condition.

Equally, our drop off service also allows us to satisfy customers with private demands. Customers might require some of their delicate rugs to be hand washed or might want a combination of chemical cleaning, steam cleaning, and vacuuming. These processes are time-consuming and require the attention of our professionals to achieve optimal results.

Also, rugs that might require repair following damage, eradication of months, removal of old spots and stains are recommended for our Green Cleaning Drop Off Service. After your rugs have been dropped off, we inspect it, analyze and score. This enables us to decide on the best cleaning methods and processes to adopt. Next, we pre-condition the rug before finally cleaning. After cleaning the rugs then pass through a rigorous drying process to remove all the moisture. After the which, the rug is then finished and re-inspected.

These careful processes are designed to ensure that rugs dropped for cleaning with us are well treated, cleaned and cared for. There is no better place to drop off your rugs than Green Choice Rug Cleaners Manhattan NY. Restore your rug’s past glory.

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