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We Specialize in Rug Cleaning in Manhattan NY

If you require a recognized professional rug cleaning service in Manhattan NY, then call Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Manhattan at 1-212-359-1687.

We can discuss your cleaning needs over the phone or book an appointment for one of our rug cleaning staff to give you a free, customized no-obligation quote at your home.

Our rug cleaning staff will use a custom cleaning technique that are best cleaning methods based the the type and condition of your rug.

Whether you have an valuable antique Oriental rug or an inexpensive machine made rug, each rug will receive a careful and thorough cleaning and at a very affordable price.

Organic Rug Cleaning in NYC

Why You Need a Professional Rug Cleaner

While daily vacuuming can remove dirt on the surface of the rug, it is also necessary to clean your rug on a regular basis to remove sticky soil that vacuums cannot remove.

Soils become sticky because of cooking smoke, air pollution, and tracked-in dirt from outside.

As this oily soil builds up on rug fibers, you will see a gradual but significant dulling of colors in your rug.

The color is not damaged, but the soil is dulling it and making your rug appear less vibrant.

Our cleaning solutions will break down the oil and grease on the soil and allow for an easy extraction with our deep cleaning techniques for rugs.

Stains and odors will also be removed. You will be amazed when you see your rug again after our cleaning and at the affordable prices for our services.

As an extra bonus for our rug cleaning Manhattan NY clients, we provide a free pick up and delivery for rugs,Professional Rug Cleaning NYC.

No Hidden Fees, In-Home Cleaning,1 Min Quote,Get Instant 20% Off Booking Via Chat or Text Message Or Call Us Now, Upper East Side Manhattan, Chelsea Area, Upper West Side Manhattan, Midtown Area Manhattan,Tribeca Area. Soho Area..

My Rug Was Damaged. Can You Fix It?


We have our own rug cleaning factory.

Not only do we have the most modern rug cleaning machines, but we have a full rug repair workshop.

If your rug is ripped or color damaged, we can repair it at an affordable price.

If your rug had moth damage, we can reweave the damaged areas.

If your house has pets, we can add a protectant to the rug to fight stains.

Our deep cleaning process can fully remove urine and any odor for a clean, fresh and sanitized rug.

No matter what type of rug damage, Green Choice rug cleaning manhattan can fix it at a great price, Expert Antique Rug Repair and Oriental Carpet Restoration Services in Manhattan

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No more messes!

Are you looking for rug cleaning Manhattan service that is healthy for kids?

Look no further because Green Choice rug cleaning Manhattan has got what you need to keep your rug clean and at the same time keep your kids safe.

You wouldn’t dump harmful detergents, soaps and chemicals in our rivers, forest, and lakes, why would you allow a rug cleaner to put them on your rugs where your kids, friends and family members spend several hours?

Our aim is to promote a healthy household and environment.

That is why we use a safe method to clean your rug.

We know that people are now more environmentally conscious than they were in the past.

And with Green Choice rug cleaning techniques, we can assure you of kids and environmentally friendly rug cleaning service.

Green Choice rug cleaning Manhattan employs a specially formulated organic rug cleaning solution devoid of harmful and harsh chemicals while still cleaning your rugs thoroughly.

We prefer to use natural rug cleaner rather than harmful chemicals when it comes to delivering rug cleaning Manhattan service that is safe for you and your kids.

Our natural cleaning solution and optimal cleaning process allow us to deliver healthy rug cleaning service while achieving the best result in the market.

Our customers love us because we don’t only provide natural, green rug cleaning services, but also because we use 80 % less water than the traditional cleaners out there.

It means that with less water and organic solution, you can receive a clean rug that is safe for your kids within hours.

The Green Choice way.

We are professional organic rug cleaners in Manhattan New York and we provide the best and most affordable rug cleaning services.

We only use bio-degradable solutions to clean your rug, because your health and safety is our top priority.

Green Choice uses safe and environmentally healthy specially formulated cleaning products which help protect your household and the people who occupy your office.

Green Choice rug cleaning Manhattan has been offering eco rug cleaning for over two decades and we are happy that our customers love us for the top-notch cleaning services we provide.

Our cleaning solution which is non-toxic offers deep clean and minimal impact on the environment.

We copied our natural rug cleaning process from Mother Nature, so it deep cleans and refreshes your rug without harmful chemicals.

We don’t stop there; we use less water than any competing carpet cleaning services in Manhattan during our cleaning process.

Our eco rug cleaning technique doesn’t only reduce the impact on our environment; it ensures a greener and healthier home.

If you compare our technique with steam cleaners which uses an excessive amount of water, you will find out that Green Choice rug cleaning Manhattan technique is more natural, safe and effective.

Because our green solution contains no solvents, enzymes, detergents, soaps and other harmful chemicals, you can rest assured Green Choice’s natural rug cleaning solution is safe for you, kids and pets.

 If you are looking for the best and safe rug cleaning in Manhattan, Green Choice is here to help. Contact us today!

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Baby Safe Cleaning.

Looking for a rug cleaning Manhattan service that is safe for your baby?

Most homes have rug, but the major problem with having a rug is that rug can be a perfect home to microorganism like dust mite, mildew and mold which is dangerous to your baby’s health.

It is good to vacuum your rug regularly, but vacuuming your rug is just the best method to push dirt and soil to the fibers of your rug and therefore the best way to damage your precious rug. 

With our professional rug cleaning Manhattan services, you can avoid health risks in your home.

We know that babies put toys taken from the top of the rug in their mouth and if you have a dirty rug in your home, it could cause health issues for your baby.

Green Choice specializes in low-water rug cleaning services that use non-toxic baby-safe rug cleaning products.

When you vacuum your rug yourself, the dirt gets pushed down into the rug’s fibers.

Other rug cleaners majorly rely on harsh rug cleaning solutions to dissolve dirt or separate it from your rug’s fibers, but some of these harsh solutions can leave residue and can even be toxic to your baby.

Green Choice entire process includes no caustic chemicals that can be harmful to your baby.

When you need a natural carpet cleaner in Manhattan New York, call Green Choice for professional rug cleaning service that is safe for your baby and environment.

Modern technology.

Green Choice introduces improved rug cleaning services using revolutionary technology that has been successfully formulated to deliver better rug cleaning results.

Our latest rug cleaning solution has improved the stain removal effectiveness, thus enhance the overall rug cleaning performance which helps us to deliver better floor piece cleaning results.

With our cleaning treatment, expect your cleaned rug to remain clean for longer period.

We know your precious rug is your investment and you always want it to look clean and attractive. That is why we offer you the most advanced technology in the market.

We combine our expertise with the state-of-the-art equipment to provide you a deep clean rug that is safe for you, family, pets and environment.

We also offer free pick up and delivery of professional rug cleaning in Manhattan New York.

Despite the fact that we offer the best rug cleaning in Manhattan, our rates are competitive.

While regular vacuuming of your rug can remove dirt on the surface, it is important to clean your rug on a regular basis to eliminate sticky soil that vacuums cannot remove.

When you vacuum your rug regularly, the soil will continue to build up on rug fibers and start dulling the color of the rug.

Although the color is not damaged, the soil is making it appear less vibrant.

But Green Choice cleaning solutions will break down the grease and oil on the soil to allow an easy extraction with our deep cleaning method.

Green Choice Organic Area Rug Cleaning in NY
Affordable Area Rug Cleaning in NYC

No More Allergies.

Are you looking for rug cleaning service in Manhattan NY?

When it comes to rug cleaning that reduces allergen effects to the barest minimum, look no further than Green Choice.

Whether it’s your home or office rug, Green Choice rug cleaning Manhattan can clean and remove anything that can trigger allergy from your rug.

If you are one of the people who suffer from indoor allergies, recent studies have shown that you don’t need to remove your rug to control your allergy symptoms if the rug is properly cleaned.

Common allergens are moving around in the air and soft surfaces like rugs are the giant filters, trapping the allergens and keeping them out of the air.

But the rugs become full over time and if not professionally cleaned, it will release the trapped allergens back in the air.

We can professionally clean your rug to ensure healthier indoor air.

We don’t use harmful chemicals that can trigger allergen effects; we use specially formulated solution to clean your rugs.

Our professional experts are readily available to clean your home rugs or those you use in your office.

Unlike other cleaners out there, we guarantee deep-cleaned rug that is safe for your kids, pets and environment.

Having healthy indoor air will provide you a healthy environment.

It will provide you not only a healthy environment but also a healthy family.

If you are looking to clean your rug and eliminate anything that can trigger allergen reactions, contact Green Choice rug cleaning Manhattan,

Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Clean rugs are the key component to keeping your home clean and fresh.

Imagine having a clean home, but dirty rugs with stains! The home wouldn’t feel clean.

Green Choice rug cleaning Manhattan loves to satisfy its customers with rugs that are organically cleaned and environmentally friendly.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to pet stains, but adequately cleaning them is highly important.

When there is pet urine residue on your rug, it appears to dry over time, but the salts in the urine leave a crystalline type residue in the rug and the padding beneath the surface.

When there is a slight bit of moisture, it will react with the crystalline and activate the stain and odor. Then the stain and odor become so difficult to remove.

We provide specially formulated pet urine dissolving solution to remove odors and stains from your rug.

If you are looking for a professional pet stain/odor removal treatment, we’ve got the solution for you. Our highly skilled expert rug cleaners in Manhattan NY can provide the best rug cleaning service.

Our technicians are well equipped with latest rug cleaning equipment to remove pet stains and odors from your rug.

We combine expertise with the latest technology to provide you a top-notch service at the most affordable rate.

If you are looking to remove pet stain and odor, Green Choice has got your back.

Call us today and you will enjoy a free pick up and delivery in Manhattan.

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best service!!!

I really want to share the great experience I had using Green Choice carpet Manhattan. Me and my wife were searching for a local and organic company that could clean an area rug that we have and a chair. We have a newborn baby and it was very important for us the cleaning products. Green Choice Carpet Manhattan did an amazing job!!! They have the best customer service and the cleaning results are beautiful!!!!
I am so happy I did right and I chose Green Choice Carpet Manhattan!!!!!
Thank you!!!

I called Green Choice Carpet Manhattan since I badly needed my rug and my sofa to be clean. I have a new puppy that had several accidents on the rug and sofa. Green choice Carpet Manhattan sent over a very nice and honest technician, who provided me with a great quote and picked up my rug to be clean. Yesterday I got my rug back and it looks great!!!! they cleaned the sofa yesterday and the sofa is perfect now!!
great customer service!
Highly recommended!!!!

the best carpet cleaner in manhattan

my 2 Oriental Rugs look brand-new, thank you green choice carpet cleaning for all your help, unbelievable job thank you Mike

thank you for your review,come back again to get 15% off for next time

Worth it!

Highly recommend for all who want a clean process and timely delivery.

Excellent Carpet Cleaners

I am so happy that I have used Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Manhattan from many of the carpet cleaning companies I have research for.
Green Choice Carpet picked up my 2 oriental rugs for cleaning and delivered them back to me yesterday brand new!!!!!!
Thank you very much for everything,
I will definitely use your services again,
Highly recommended!!!!

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